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My Pedal Stopped Working
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Please read the following instructions to aid in getting your pedal online.

Do the 3 pedal icons Left Middle and Right on the opening Start Stop screen currently move up & down when you press on these pedals one at a time on the floor? If not, your computer has stopped seeing/is not recognizing the USB pedal.

You should try unplugging and replugging the pedal into the port on the computer WITH START STOP SOFTWARE CLOSED and see if the computer recognizes the device being plugged in by making a Windows chime noise or popup message about installing device drivers.

Try all of your available USB ports, including ones that have another working device plugged in, such as printer. Especially try the ports on the back of your tower rather than the front, and do not use a USB hub port.

If your computer already does recognize the pedal as above, but still doesn't control your files, go to Configure-Select Pedal Type in the Start Stop software and reselect the pedal type you have (most users have the "default" pedal--a 3 pedal with USB connector-- unless using an existing pedal or ordered a specific substitute one).

Try rebooting your computer completely in case your port had an incomplete "boot."

Try plugging the pedal into a different computer to see if the pedal plug is defective.

There is a USB Pedal Tester in our downloads on

If the pedal is not recognized by the computer(s) in any port, it may be the pedal itself is in need of repair or replacement. Our techs can verify that with you. Let us know if you need phone contact.

If you meant that the pedal is not controlling the file, this opens other possibilities, such as:

Is the filetype a supported format with your version of our software? Check your user manual, or go to user manual link on the webpage for your product at .

Are you trying to open a file that is on a DVD with Start Stop PowerPlay via File-Open DVD? Try opening this way instead:

File-Open File
In the window that opens, click into My Computer or Computer, then to the DVD drive
Click into the VIDEO_TS folder, then open the VIDEO_TS.IFO files you may see, one at a time, to see if any of them plays properly.
If not, try any files that end in .VOB in turn.

Do you have the latest version of our software installed? (Start Stop Universal Transcription software is currently at version 12.0.9, Student Start Stop Universal Transcription software is at version 12.0.9, Start Stop PowerPlay for Video/DVD Transcription software is at version 5.0.1, Start Stop OmniVersal is at version 2.0.12).

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